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Skigard oppdal

skigard oppdal

prepared their very own bread dish more than a thousand years ago and she calls it the Viking pizza. The Norwegians mainly eat healthy, wholegrain bread, full of taste and slow-burning carbohydrates. Before the 1200s, with only the simple handmill at hand, the women prepared just enough flour to bake the bread needed for the day. More on the flatbread, from more recent history, we know that the Norwegian farm women made large stacks of flatbread once or twice a year. Even the Vikings ate pizza - or what they referred to as bread dish. A Norwegian handmill or quern from Oppdal, Trndelag. Used by permission all rights reserved. The old Norway and its last army of storytellers. The Icelandic historian, poet, and politician, Snorri Sturluson who lived between 11 mentioned the bread dish brauddiskar in his writings. Today, the oven baked yeast bread is the most common variation. Good news for all pizza lovers.

The Italians base their pizza dough on wheat, but the Vikings used barley or rye. Sadly, the audio is in Norwegian bussruter otta lom only, with no subtitles, but the visuals and our text below will help guide you through an interesting story. In connection with the excavation of the Oseberg Viking ship and other finds, the archaeologists unearthed round, flat, metal pans with a long handle. Photo: Norsk Folkemuseum NFL.17568. Before this period, the flatbread reigned supreme for several hundred years alongside other grain-based dishes like porridge and lefse (a soft type of flatbread).

The Norwegian word is kvern which is, in fact, the same word. And this came about from around the 1200s onwards, with the broader introduction of larger watermills. What the Italians call pizza, the Vikings called bread dish, more than a thousand years ago.