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Alter table alter column

alter table alter column

is required. The syntax of, oslo rygg dataType is described in, data types. The values contained in the row are also dropped and not recoverable. The keywords cascade and restrict are also optional. If you specify restrict, then the column drop will be rejected if it would cause a dependent schema object to become invalid. Rename column_name TO column_name Changes the name of a column and preserves the existing values. Replace with a user-defined value.

SQL, alter, table, statement drop, column, example
SQL: alter, table, statement Rename column in table
Alter, table, alter, column
Alter table statement column - alteration
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Alter table column
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datatype1,datatype2 Set, list, map, or tuple. Dates can be represented in queries and inserts as a string, such as (yyyy-mm-dd) decimal integers, floats Variable-precision decimal Java type Note: When dealing with currency, it is a best practice to have a currency class that serializes to and from an int or use. ) indicates that you can repeat the syntax element as often as required. A vertical bar ( ) separates alternative elements. Create unique index tautoInd ON tauto(i). Examples Specifying the table and keyspace You can qualify the table name by prepending the name of its keyspace.

Cassandra drops the column data during the next compaction. Events ; The details including the column names is returned. Adding constraints alter table ADD constraint adds a table-level constraint to an existing table.